What Our Clients Say

Peter and LAUNCHED were instrumental in my getting my perfect job. Working with Peter I identified and clarified my interests.  We crafted a compelling resume which captured attention and developed my networking strategies and tactics.  Interview coaching and practice was key to my success. The mock interview that we videoed and reviewed was particularly helpful, I was able to observe and listen to myself in an interview – there were a couple of idiosyncrasies I needed to address. Practicing and answering typical questions was very helpful.  In addition, the practice gave me the confidence to preform well in a real interview.  Six months after I started my job, I worked with Peter prepare for my first performance review! I would recommend LAUNCHED to anyone.

Sarah, BA

Our son worked with Peter and LAUNCHED. Peter had the knowledge and skills to help our son which we did not have – Peter’s involvement removed the stress between our son and ourselves.  Peter’s coaching prepared our son for networking and interviewing such that we had no hesitation about introducing him to our professional connections.  Best of all, our son was hired by a major bank because of the skills he acquired at LAUNCHED.

I recommend Peter and LAUNCHED to any young professional trying to launch their career.

Greg, Parent

LAUNCHED was extremely helpful in my job search. I met with other career coaches however, I chose to work with Peter.  Unlike most other coaches, he provided specific strategies and tactics and focused on the execution of my campaign. He had many years of business experience as a line executive which was important to me.  In addition, Peter opened his personal and professional network in my job search.  Refining my resume and honing my interview skills were helpful however, networking tactics and coaching were the most valuable part of the program to me.

Peter asked me to provide a reference for LAUNCHED and I gladly offered to do.

Will, MSc., Mechanical Engineering

Our daughter worked with Peter and LAUNCHED in her job search.  She had become discouraged and lost focus.  LAUNCHED helped her gain confidence and commitment. LAUNCHED worked with her to develop a professional resume and excellent interviewing skills.

The whole process gave her the skills and self-assurance to land a great job.

Dianne, Parent

Peter and LAUNCHED were key in my securing a role in the financial services sector.  We developed a great resume and their practice interview and analysis were very helpful when I actually got to job interviews.  Peter opened his network to me and introduced me to several individuals and organizations.  Peter’s coaching through the networking stage of my job search was excellent and invaluable.

Peter, BA, Economics

I had applied to on-line postings for months without success. My applications simply disappeared into a black hole.  Disappointed and frustrated, I decided to work with Peter and LAUNCHED.  I had a specific focus (an entry level engineering role) for my search.  We developed my Personal Value Proposition and a new resume.  We identified target organizations and developed a networking strategy.  Peter was very helpful in crafting emails for my networking campaign.  The practice interview was instrumental in honing my skills.  Peter introduced me to an organization with which he had a connection.  I was offered and accepted an engineering role.  The “nitty-gritty” advice Peter provided was key to my success.

I would recommend Peter and LAUNCHED to any young professional struggling to get their career off the ground.

Kajan K., M. Eng. (Mechanical), B. Eng. (Chemical)

Peter and LAUNCHED were instrumental in getting my career off the ground.  We developed an overall strategy and targeted a specific sector.  Peter linked me to a couple of people who had extensive knowledge of and experience in that sector.  Unfortunately, conditions in the industry were such that there were no opportunities in the short term.  We shifted our focus to another sector within our overall strategy and I was successful in networking my way into one of the leading organizations.  Peter and I worked hard to prepare for the interview which went very well.  I was invited to spend a day with one of the sales reps and Peter and I developed a series of questions and overall discussion outline.  The day went extremely well and I was offered and accepted a position with the organization.  I attribute much of my success to the very specific advice and counsel Peter provided.

Scott E., B. Management