LAUNCHED INTERSHIPS is a streamlined package of our premium offering that focuses specifically meaningful and relevant internships and summer employment.

Most, if not all employers hold “work  related learning, (Co-op, Internship, Service Learning)” above academic performance as the top criteria for full-time roles. *

If your goal is to secure an internships or summer employment, LAUNCHED INTERSHIPS will give you the tools and skills to stand out from the competition.

launched careers lite
launched careers lite


LAUNCHED INTERNSHIPS is customized for you and your field, and includes:

Resume Writing
Craft a resume that highlights your capabilities and accomplishments which address what employers want.

Cover Letter Writing
Learn to succinctly present yourself on paper.

Networking Strategies and Tactics
Learn to present yourself in person to unlock hidden opportunities.

Interview Coaching
Discover the verbal and non-verbal skills you need to ace any interview in videoed and analyzed practice interviews.

Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers survey, DATE NECESSARY